Private School Gap in the UK Widening According to BBC Journalist

Ian Hislop, the experienced education journalist from the BBC told an audience of London teens that the gap between those educated privately and by public schooling is widening.

It is his opinion that “we have regressed in that sense,” he was quoted saying in front of the audience of Nunhead’s St Thomasn Apostle College.

He added : “There is no historical imperative that everyone in politics has to come from private school.”

The journalist stated that one reason for current politics to be less effective is the narrowing of the social backgrounds of politicians. In his speech he reminded that there was a strong presence of grammar and comprehensive school students when he attended the University at Oxford.

He said that it wasn’t just many people from private schools but more of a parity which has been lost today.

He said to the attending pupils that such a division were the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer while the middle is being “squeezed out” is a waste of potential talent.

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Harper Lee’s “Go Set A Watchman” Cover Design Revealed!

go-set-a-watchmanOne thing is for sure, there is hardly a literature aficionado who doesn’t know about Harper Lee’s famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Now, this week, HarperCollins presented their current design for Lee’s upcoming new novel “Go Set A Watchman”.

The cover undoubtedly will remind the reader immediately of Lee’s previous famous novel.

The cover features the familiar oak tree in front with a train arriving from the distance.

HarperCollins president Michael Morrison said to the press that “Go Set a Watchman” will star “Mockingbird” protagonist Scout Finch but the story will be set 20 years later, in the 1950s in her native Alabama.

Are you as keen on looking forward to the novel as I am? I can’t wait until the book is available!

The Singing Waiters Are Just Great!

The Singing Waiters
Dory already told me lots of great things about the “singing waiters” whom she saw twice at Mira’s and Jen’s wedding reception last summer.

I honestly didn’t pay too much attention about this since wedding receptions are not exactly something extremely interested in.

But now, after I saw that the fantastic singing waiters myself last month I definitely need to revise my opinion there. I can say that those guys probably the best entertainers I’ve ever seen, at least if we’re talking about events such as wedding receptions or similar!

If you already attended some wedding receptions like probably most of us already did you will know that excellent world-class entertainment is usually not what you will find there. Most of the time there will be a local band playing (which can be nice as well, make no mistake!) and in some cases they may only have a DJ that will provide the musical entertainment for the day or the night.

But the secret singers are an entirely different story! The unique thing about those guys is that they are normally present at the wedding but they may be disguised, well you guessed it, as waiters. When I saw them, when they started to reveal their true identity, everyone’s jaw dropped! It didn’t take a minute or two and the entire party got really crazy with everyone singing, clapping and dancing!

What I like most is that they took several of the guests on stage too, they were not only singing and dancing fantastically but really turned the entire reception into a great performance where everyone had a lot of fun!

So if you are looking for some great entertainment for your upcoming wedding reception or may be your party, check out the singing waiters – highly recommended!!