Why I Like Pilates


According to Wikipedia, “Pilates might help to condition the abdominal muscles of healthy people or alleviate lower back pain, but there is no good medical evidence that it is of benefit to people with existing health conditions.”

In other words, Pilates are really great if you want to do something for your health and fitness and are looking for something else besides the sometimes boring and tedious “standard fitness routines”.

I like Pilates not because they are some type of “cool” exercises but mostly because the Pilates class I attend here in Hackney is simply a lot of fun. I like this a lot better as compared to my previous fitness routine where I simply went to the gym twice a week like most other people do.

I also think to notice the beneficial effect of doing Pilates which are what’s being called “low-impact” exercising. This means that I am less exhausted afterwards but still feel the same positive effects like with other, more demanding exercises.

There is also medical evidence that less strenuous exercising but doing them consistently is ultimately better in the long-term.

So, if you are like me and want to do something for your health and fitness, maybe you should look into Pilates too! At Pilates Hackney you can get more information on Pilates classes in Hackney.


Reclaimed Wood – the Material of the Future?

The British furniture market is currently experiencing a surge in interest for furniture made from recycled wood.

mac-and-wood-large-table-730x480Some experts go even so far as to call recycled wood “the material of the future”, citing various benefits of this great natural material.

For some, the biggest appeal of reclaimed wood is its natural imperfections and blemishes that give aged wood its very unique note.

For others, the benefits for the environment are the reason they are choosing pieces made from reclaimed wood over conventional furniture.

One thing is for sure, furniture made from reclaimed wood is furniture that is made to last. With its natural imperfections it is the ideal furniture that is highly in demand today in places such as restaurants or the dining area at home.

Natural aged wood is resistant against the one or the other nick or ding. Moreover, furniture from reclaimed wood keeps looking great even with age. Even with decades gone by, a piece can still look as fantastic as on the day you got it.

A reclaimed wood table or desk can be a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime and will never lose its charm.

What Is Electronic Invoicing?

electronic invoiceHave you already heard of electronic invoicing?

With electronic invoicing, businesses can save considerable amount of time with minimal effort and investment.

In a nutshell, electronic invoicing can help make your entire invoicing process faster and a lot more effective and manageable.

One of the most appealing things about electronic invoicing is that is back compatible with any existing invoicing process. The only difference is when it comes to sending your invoices:

Rather than mailing your invoices in paper format as you did previously you will send your invoices online. This is made by using a third-party electronic invoice service provider to whom you email your PDF invoices rather than mailing them out.

The provider is converting your invoice and will send it off to the recipient.

E Invoice helps you save time since the sending and receiving of invoices happens instantly. In addition to that, e invoice gets rid of the requirement having to manually type in any invoices for your accounting system. No mailroom, posting or sorting will be required as well.

One other advantage of E invoice is that it is a lot easier to manage as compared to conventional invoices.

If you’re still looking for an effective way for saving time and money for your business, e invoice might be just what you’re looking for.

10 Apps To Be More Productive

A list of some of the best apps to help you being more productive at work or at home you can find at The Business Insider.

See how apps such as Slack, Wunderlist or the Sunrise Calendar help you get things done more efficiently and effectively.

The website lists 10 of the best apps that you can use daily.

Venture Capitalists Pump £2.5 Billion in UK Tech Sector

Venture capitalists in the United Kingdom pumped a record of £2.5 billion into U.K.’s technology companies according to recent numbers from research firm CB Insights and London & Partners.

This past year, start-ups in Britain had been able to raise 70% more from venture capitalists as compared to the previous year. In 2014, £1.4 billion had been raised. The secreted venture capital suggests that tech companies in the United Kingdom are increasingly appealing for investors.

In the last five years, technology companies in United Kingdom have raised £6.6 billion. Firms with a seat in the capital London are coded for more than half of it, £3.5 billion.

One has to note however that tech companies in the United States, such as those located in silicon valley are raising significantly more money. According to number from CB Insights, those North American companies raised £40 billion within the first nine months of the previous year.

More than 50% of the venture capital flowing into London’s tech sector had been made by UK investment funds.

Great Environmentally Furniture Designs in 2016


According to industry experts, 2016 will be the year of recycled wood furniture.

Recycled wood (or reclaimed wood as some also call it) combines the benefits of an incredibly rugged material that is ideal for furniture such as outdoor furniture or restaurant tables and desks with the beauty of aged wood.

For the stylish and environmentally conscious connoisseurs, this is the ideal material used in furniture design that not only makes for extraordinary rugged but even more so beautifully stunning pieces that immediately catch the eye.

British furniture designer Mac & Wood goes even one step further. Their furniture designs stand out with a unique combination of reclaimed wood timbers and brushed steel. It is this combination of materials that cannot be any different to each other that is the fundament of Mac & Woods incredible success.

Recently, the British furniture maker has started to offer their frames also in different colours besides the classic brushed chrome style. Now offering infinite colours, Mac & Wood can accommodate virtually any taste out there.

With furniture pieces made from recycled wood such as their reclaimed dining table, Mac & Wood is truly setting a mark in the popular reclaimed wood furniture industry today.

Making Some Money on the Racetrack

horseracing in the UKThere’s no question, horse racing in the United Kingdom is popular. Really popular.

There are hundreds of thousands of Britons joining the flocks of spectators every weekend and most of them go there with big hopes but go home with some less change in the pocket.

This in itself isn’t a big issue since horse racing is more like entertainment for most folks. So if you lose a few pounds at the track it doesn’t really matter as long if you have a good time with your family or friends.

But then there are those people who take horse racing in the United Kingdom a lot more serious. They don’t go there just to spend a Saturday afternoon having a fun time, they visit the track eager to win a good amount of money.

Truth be told, those guys who win big sums at the races repeatedly are normally really dedicated to the races. Some of them studied the horses and jockeys their whole live so you can’t really blame them.

But what about the average Joe who goes to the races? Are we eternally depending on our luck where we’d win only once in a while and then normally rather unimpressive sums?

The answer here is a clear “no”since everyone in principle can win if they just have the knowledge which gives them the best odds at the races. And this can be done if you have some horse racing tips and strategies.

You can actually obtain horse racing tips from third parties today, those are usually horse racing professionals who are willing to share their expertise. I won’t deny that a lot of them are selling their strategies to make some money, but there is nothing wrong with that as long as those tips actually work those who buy them.

Better even, some horse racing professionals for free horse racing tips today, basically as a way for you to test them without any obligation. It is those free horse racing tips that I can recommend to you if you want to start becoming a successful horse racing professional!


America’s Most Expensive Public Golf Course Opens.

There hadn’t been public golf courses in New York City in the last 52 years, but this is about to change:

America’s most expensive course is about to open in the Big Apple.

Its location will be Ferry Point, a 222 acre former landfill site in the Bronx. The cost for the course are estimated £182 million.

No question, those elusive greens overlooking the Manhattan skyline will be the next hangout for Wall Street executives and other NYC rich folks.

The green fee for one single round of golf will be £95. If you happen to visit New York to give the new cause a try you will have to dig even deeper into your wallet. For nonresidents, the fee will be about £140.

Donald Trump took over the project four years ago. He told the press in a public statement: “It’s the best location I’ve ever seen for a golf course because you’re right outside Manhattan. They can have people taking buses from Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue.”

Private School Gap in the UK Widening According to BBC Journalist

Ian Hislop, the experienced education journalist from the BBC told an audience of London teens that the gap between those educated privately and by public schooling is widening.

It is his opinion that “we have regressed in that sense,” he was quoted saying in front of the audience of Nunhead’s St Thomasn Apostle College.

He added : “There is no historical imperative that everyone in politics has to come from private school.”

The journalist stated that one reason for current politics to be less effective is the narrowing of the social backgrounds of politicians. In his speech he reminded that there was a strong presence of grammar and comprehensive school students when he attended the University at Oxford.

He said that it wasn’t just many people from private schools but more of a parity which has been lost today.

He said to the attending pupils that such a division were the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer while the middle is being “squeezed out” is a waste of potential talent.

If you are looking for a recommended private school in the UK, the Hertfordshire school can be a good start.

Harper Lee’s “Go Set A Watchman” Cover Design Revealed!

go-set-a-watchmanOne thing is for sure, there is hardly a literature aficionado who doesn’t know about Harper Lee’s famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Now, this week, HarperCollins presented their current design for Lee’s upcoming new novel “Go Set A Watchman”.

The cover undoubtedly will remind the reader immediately of Lee’s previous famous novel.

The cover features the familiar oak tree in front with a train arriving from the distance.

HarperCollins president Michael Morrison said to the press that “Go Set a Watchman” will star “Mockingbird” protagonist Scout Finch but the story will be set 20 years later, in the 1950s in her native Alabama.

Are you as keen on looking forward to the novel as I am? I can’t wait until the book is available!